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The misfortunate deserve innovation too


Our solution for drinking water.




EnviroPure (Coming Soon)

Our solution for waste water.


The water crisis is massive. But together, we can solve it. Private donors cover our operating costs and the costs of delivering solutions around the world. A $20 per month donation will ensure up to 200 more people yearly do not get sick from the water they drink.

Our Work

771 million people lack basic access
to clean and safe drinking water.
We have invented true solutions to face this issue.
Explore them below!

We believe that true solutions to the water crisis will come through innovation by people who care.
Inventing for Humanity is fulfilling all WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene) initiatives through the innovation of the world.
Our methods ensure that groups around the world are getting the solution they need.



Number of Countries

The number of countries that solutions provided by Inventing for Humanity, or have a current fundraiser open to receive one.


People served


People served

Both projected and current number of individuals helped based on data provided by groups whom have requested or currently have a provided solution.

30 days

From time of campaign funding to complete function of delivered system

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How do we deal with the water crisis?

Our Solutions​​

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Drinking Water

Organic Waste

Coming June 2023

Our projects

Whether you are in a developed country, or a developing country, there are unique situations everywhere that require a solution! If you, your organization, or someone you know could use a Clean Water Project Foundation solution, reach out to us! We will open a fundraising campaign on your behalf to directly fund your need for a solution.

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Six Years

of Product Development & Refinement

Implementing the Technology

Whether you are looking for a water treatment system, or looking to treat waste, we deliver designs that can suit the needs of various regions, populations, and disaster-recovery efforts around the globe.

Expanding Our Work

We're bringing together the world's
innovators change the world.

Together, we can end the
water crisis

Here is how you can take action today:


Inventors who have an invention that they wish to deliver around the world should reach out to us! Together, we can help the world.


If you are interested in helping people live a better life, explore the map below and consider donating to the needs of people around the world.

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