EnviroPure, the Solution for Waste Treatment!

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EnviroPure is the only means in the world to rapidly treat manure, waste water, or other organic solutions with no cheicals, no anticipated maintenance requirements, and 99% energy efficiency.

Simple Operation

  • Five minute setup time
  • Easily transportable
  • Built in redundant safeties mean worry free operation
  • Users only have to work with one inlet hose, one outlet hose, one power button, and one keypad
  • Organic waste is easily fed into the system from a holding tank

Revolutionary Advantage

  • 99% of energy spent to heat the liquid is recaptured
  • Lack of disposable filters or other expendable parts translates to maintenance free operation for years.
  • EnviroPure overcomes  high energy requirements preventing historical widespread usage.
  • Enables immediate application of manure to crops after processing. 

Inside the (Alpha) Unit

The (Test) Container

Moving the Alpha Unit

Rapid Treatment of Waste Water

Contaminated crops are a massive issue in the developed and developing world. Organic fertilizer is regulated by state laws and best practices requiring it to be treated for six months before it can be applied to crops. The time requirements put farmers at an economic disadvantage and introduces the risk of bacteria not being killed before being applied to crops. Food contamination at farms leads to millions of recalls yearly in developed countries and countless deaths in the developing world. To change this, join the Inventing for Humanity’s efforts to deliver its agricultural system, the EnviroPure, to combat diseases being introduced to our food supply.


Children under ten years of age die from contaminated food each year.
People die every year because of contaminated food each year
People fall ill eating contaminated food annually.
People die every year from food contamination.

The EnviroPure Advantage:

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